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  • Our Process

    Define Client Needs
    Further to an initial meeting we commence to develop a partnership with our client. We define position requirements based on organizational needs and business objectives as well as personal attributes and level of professional experience desired. In doing so, we are able to tailor and align our structured process and establish our search strategy. At this stage we also determine and establish the search fee structure agreement.
    Deliverables: Confirmation Letter and Search Agreement.

    Establish Position Description
    We work with our client within the organization to do an intake and develop a written position specification document, to be based upon detailed requirements against which each candidate will be measured and a candidate profile is established. Our team works to develop an understanding of the position and its history, responsibilities and a sense of the personalities and styles of those whom the successful candidate will interact. Before the position description is distributed our client is given the opportunity to review and approve the final document.
    Deliverables: Written position description and candidate criteria and search profile is established.

    Conduct Research
    Our associates and consultants define a search strategy and initiate the search to develop a pool of potential candidates that meet and exceed the position requirements. This process is performed through the use of our comprehensive database, extensive network of industry contacts, comparative industry and competitive analysis, sourcing and internet based research.
    Deliverables: Clients receive qualified candidates with written prescreens to review
    Candidate submissions reviewed with Client.

    Identify / Evaluate Candidates
    Given research findings our team identifies, interviews and evaluates leading potential candidates.
    Deliverables: Shortlist of qualified potential candidates, Clients meet with Mercury Group Consulting in order to evaluate leading potential candidates.

    Client Interviews
    Interviews with our Clients are arranged with the leading 3 to 5 prospective candidates. Upon completion of these interviews our client in consultation with Mercury Group Consulting will determine the finalist candidate.
    Deliverables: Mercury Group Consulting will arrange all interviews and provide candidate conformation along with an up to date resume, candidate prescreen notes and compensation expectations.

    Reference Verification
    We review the reference of the finalist candidate. We conduct a 360° reference verification process and report back to our clients. This includes, Employment References, Education Verification and Criminal and Credit Checks when necessary
    Deliverable: A detailed Reference Report is provided to our client.

    Negotiate Offer of Employment
    Working closely with our client, we negotiate the terms of the Offer of Employment with the finalist candidate in order to arrive at a “win-win” relationship between the parties. Our goal is to achieve agreement resulting in the execution of the Offer becoming merely a formality.
    Deliverables: An executed Offer of Employment and a satisfied Client and successful candidate. Successful candidate joins the Clients’ organization.

    Post Hire Follow-up
    Once the successful candidate has assumed his or her new position, we maintain contact with our Client and the final candidate in order to ensure that there is a successful integration.
    Deliverable: Contact with our Client and successful candidate each month for the first 3 months.

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